On-Grid (Net Metering) Solar Services:

Perfekt Energy offers the following on-grid solar services for your premises:

Feasibility study with system design, energy generation, and pay back calculations

Preparation of applications and documentation for net metering connection approval

Installation & Commissioning of systems in accordance with customer requirements and best industry practice

Provide operations and maintenance services to ensure a high level of performance

High-quality solar modules, and proven inverter brands, for a long-life system

Our Process

AT Perfect Energy, our professional team will help you to materialize your project.

STAGE 1 – REQUIREMENT ASSESSMENT – First, we collect the requirement you wanted; to run on solar through phone call. During the discussion, we provide you detail system information, products, and pay back period.

STAGE 2 – SITE ASSESSMENT – After your confirmation on phone; we sit together with you at your premises, analyze your power bills and discuss your requirements. We’ll find out what you need and let you know how much you can save – and help you with any questions you might have. We’ll also find out the best configuration of panels for your roof. It’s easy, effortless, and free.

STAGE 3 – QUOTE – On the basis of discussions with you at your premises we provide a comprehensive tailored proposal with custom-designed overall performance figures payback graphs and return-on-investment figures over the lifespan of the system.

STAGE 4 – Advance DEPOSIT – You pay us the advance on the delivery of the equipment at your doorstep.

STAGE 5 – PROJECT STARTS -Once the structure fabricates (normally one week) we, deliver the same day at your doorsteps and start the installation. Small projects <5kWp usually take one or two days, or little, bigger project like 10 kWp to 15 kWp take 5-7 days assuming good weather. Once, the installation is done we perform the testing and commissioning procedure, and perform the necessary inspections for compliance, and hand over the equipment documents for your records.

FINAL STAGE – QUALITY ASSURANCE – We implement stringent commissioning and testing to ensure reliable performance.